X-T3 Contrast


Hello all! So as I continue to shoot with my X-T3 I fall more in love with Fuji, but there is one thing that I am a little scared to try with my new camera. I am coming from a Canon 5DIII and I would shoot with the contrast all the way down, I know it sounds crazy but with the presets that I made it worked great! I would like to attempt this with the X-T3 but I do love the images right out of the camera. I would love to hear input from all you awesome people!


Hi Danny, the great thing about Fujifilm cameras is that you can set up a film simulation in the menu (or using the Q button). Simulations like Pro Neg.Std and ETERNA are very low contrast. Note: they will affect your JPEG output but not your raw files, they do change what you view in your viewfinder (for example if you set your simulation to ACROS which is a black and white film simulation then your viewfinder will display everything in black and white).

In order to lower contrast even more you can go into the menu -> IQ Image quality setting -> Highlight tone + Shadow tone and set those to -1 or -2 (this will lower highlights and open shadows which also lower contrast). This only affect the JPEG the camera generate and your viewfinder.

If you don’t want to preview your film simulation and highlight/shadow tone settings you can go in the menu to Set up -> Screen set-up -> Preview pic. effect and turn that off.

You will also find the film simulation in Lightroom or the new Capture One, they mimic the in-camera film simulation allowing you to apply them back to your raw files.


One thing I like to do is setting up 3 or 4 presets in the Q menu (low/high contrast PB/Color, usually playing with shadow tones, highlight tones and always ACROS and Classic Chrome, my favorites)

Then I can quickly switch between them


@douglasdrumz I’ve never quite fully understood how the whole Q menu presets worked, is there a stupid fool-proof guide somewhere on how to save and re-use presets?


Thank you!! I am still testing all of the film settings mostly for video.


I’ll write a quick one here later