X T-2 RAW Files in LR


I received my X T-2 several days ago and I have been out and about snapping photos. I have the camera set to capture both JPEGs and RAW files. The JPEGs are rendering very well, but when I examine the RAW files, they don’t show the detail that I can see in the JPEGs. I know the camera is focusing accurately because the JPEGs are right on.

I checked this by inspecting both the JPEG and RAW files in a 1:1 view.

Is there something that needs to be done to get the RAW files of the same image to render appropriately with equally good detail?


I have had the same issue so I asked around a little on reddit. It’s a quite well known issue with LR and Fuji RAW files apparently.
Here’s a post about it…


Sounds like a potential solution. In the mean time, I did a bit of research and found that moving the detail sliders around has given me greater control over the detail and quite an improvement. I then made a preset for importing my Fuji RAF files. I will evaluate and perhaps take a look at other solutions to see which is better.

BTW - Here are the settings I found helpful in LR’s Deatail Panel [all of these are, of course (+/-) ] according to taste:

Amt - 40
Radius - 1.5
Detail 80 - 84
Masking (if needed ) 45-48

I also found that using Provia Standard (Camera Calibration) gives me a look I like for my photos.


I was playing around the whole day to get the raw files in LR at least close as good as the Fuji JPGs. After trying out everything I found on the net, I gave silkypix Raw Converter for Fuji another try.
The advantage is that Silkypix Raw converter seems to be customized for Fuji. Basically it reads all Informations out of the raf file (filmsimulation, Dynamic Range …).
I use it with the picture specific raf settings to export a tiff that I than can reimport in Lightroom.
Ok this is not very smooth and I wont do that for all my raf files but at least its a way to get the raw data very close to the JPGS and you even could change the filmsimulation without loosing quality…


I also add +15 clarity right off the bat.