X-Pro1 Portraits


So here are a couple of portraits I took with the X-Pro1 + 35mm f1.4, one is fairly old now, the other is more recent. I love this camera for slow considered portrait work. I love the way the sensor combined with the 35mm f1.4 renders images. Any one else think its still a good camera to use?

1/250 sec f/1.6 ISO:200

1/125 sec f1.4 ISO 640

I have shared some thoughts on the X-Pro1 over here: Is the X-Pro1 still Relevant?


Lovely! Do you use the ovf or evf/lcd?


Thanks! I always use the EVF, its not amazing but i find i never use the ovf. Also love putting my eye to a camera which is why i wasn’t so taken by the X70.


Very good portraits and retouch! Congratulations!
Can you tell what percentage is the post-process in those works?


Thanks! These 2 images don’t have much at all. I maybe spent 20min in photoshop on each. I always process out a flatish nice file for working on with work like this so it can be pushed.

The first one just colour work as her skin was perfect anyway, the small flair is in camera with baking paper stuck to the lens.

The 2nd was mainly a skin clean up but nothing heavy, then some colour work, balancing skin etc.

My estimates of a quick retouch might be different form other peoples, i own a retouch company and have been a professional retoucher for over 12 years.



:slight_smile: well, some people cannot get there for hours of retouching. I mean probably the camera was not the tool here.


I think you’re right in the camera not being the tool, but that 35mm f1.4 fuji lens renders amazing images. I LOVE that lens, it has magic inside.
The retouching is super basic, colour work mainly, i think its about knowing where you want to go before you take the picture.
Here are the raw files i processed out as my starting point un-retouched so you can see where i went and how they were shot.

I think its about the vision going into the image, having a strong vision of what feeling and mood you want as an end result is the key. Here is the same image shot on my Canon 5d mk11 with the 50mm f1.2 lens, i did it out of curiosity to see if the fuji could compete. It really did.