X-Pro1 a good option?


Hi everybody, I’m trying to decide which model Fujifilm to buy.

I understand the merits of having the latest model with the best technology, but I’m a fairly amateur photographer (with hopes of improving hugely with whichever camera I buy), however don’t think I necessarily need the best and latest at this stage. Having played around with X-Pro2 and X-T2 in the store, I like the feel and ergonomics of X-Pro2, and can buy a used X-Pro1 for a very good price (about AUD$550).

My question is whether the X-Pro1 is fast becoming obsolete, (even compared to the X-T1), because it was brought out in 2012, and because the X-Pro2 made so many substantial improvements on it.

If anybody is still using their X-Pro1, and can tell me that it does the trick for them, that would be very helpful to hear!

It’s worth saying too that video is not a priority for me – I love street photography, so with this in mind, would love to hear your thoughts. Also, am leaving Australia in a couple of months to travel indefinitely, so keeping on budget with this purchase is very important (although I don’t want to buy a camera that soon becomes useless comparatively).

Keen to hear all perspectives re X-Pro1/X-T1 and even X-T20, as my budget for a body is really limited around the AUD$1000 mark.

Many, many thanks in advance!



The X-Pro 1 is an excellent and extremely capable camera which at present is available at unbeatable prices.
Without stepping on your toes I would wager that it is a lot more capable than you are and that the ‘substantial’ improvements over it that the X-Pro 2 brings in your opinion, will not make you a better photographer or make your photographs better for a very long time to come.

I use an X-Pro 1, and X100T, a XQ1 and a IR-converted X10 … all of them ‘obsolete’ and all of them producing magnificent images - because the art is in your head and eye and (basic) photography skills, not in latest megapixel boasting gazillionK camera.

But hey … what do I know.

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Thanks for that @takesuspete – precisely the adamant reassurance I was after! I absolutely agree that the latest camera cannot make somebody a good photographer, and I always appreciate hearing that cutting edge technology is not all it’s cracked up to be :slight_smile:

On that note, I better jump on the X-Pro1 I’ve seen for sale and get started on training those skills up.

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I own both X-Pro1 and 2

I’ve bought the 1 three times now, I just can’t get it out from under my skin (at least each time it gets cheaper!)

The xp1 has (IMO) several soft areas where it beats the xp2, it’s a lot more simple to set up, none of the buttons are recessed and therefore hard to press, and the OVF is more legible in bright light

The xp2 is faster. Faster to do EVERYTHING from turn on to acquire focus, to move the focus point

The xp2 has technically better IQ in that the files have more dynamic range and can be pushed harder in post, and have more acuity

But the xp2 has a very tangible (yet completely subjective) charm to its images. People often use words like “organic” or “filmic” when speaking of the xp1 files, people that like the xp1 images tend to like them a lot

Most people complain about the AF speed of the xp1, with the newer F2 WR lenses, plentiful light and the latest FW it’s not so bad

The xp1 is as good as it ever was, sure better cameras now exist, sure one of those better cameras is the xp2. But there’s ALWAYS a better camera coming soon, and they never make the older cameras worse


Hi @AdamBonn, really appreciate hearing your reasons for why you love the X-Pro1, all of those reasons appeal to me too. I’m more or less convinced it’s a good option for me, I’m now just unsure about the risk of buying a used camera from somebody – because my eye for cameras is untrained, I’m not sure how to know if there’s anything fundamentally wrong with the camera when looking at it. Apparently shutter counts are not accurate or indicative on Fujifilm cameras. Will put this question to the community and see if anybody can suggest any way of tackling it.

Thanks so much again! Charlotte


Check it all works (obvious I know)

None of the buttons should be sticky. (ie fail to spring back after being pressed)

The scroll wheel on the back feels a bit cheap. It will probably rattle.

Hold this wheel still and check if anything in the camera rattles by shaking it. It shouldn’t

The most important thing if possible is too take a dust ref picture and check it on a computer screen to see if the sensor has problems such as dirt, scratches or other damage. You might also want to try the same sort of test for hot pixels

The xp1 is not dust proof. Have a good look through the OVF (both sides) for dust, and the same with the EVF. For the EVF hold the camera away from the your eye (maybe about 30cm or even a variety of distances)

Check the ‘leatherette’ isn’t peeling away. The shutter speed dial should click firmly into each stop and lock in the ‘A’ position the release button should feel quite crisp. The EV dial is far easier to turn and doesn’t have a lock. Neither dial should wobble excessively

Lots of dust and/or wobbly dials might indicate a hard life and a careless owner. In which case, plenty more fish in the sea

Run for the hills if the seller mentions anything about “sometimes it wont switch on, but a battery pull fixes it” as typically this means the motherboard is going to be a problem

Generic advice, if possible try and buy the seller, if something’s too good to be true, then it’s probably too good to be true

Things like “selling for a mate, box and accessories lost during a move” can be bad news

Fuji cameras can be dated via their serial number

So 21Nxxxx

Would mean 2012, 1st quarter production run, target market N (you’ll have to google the country codes as I can’t remember them all, and they’re only a guide anyway)

Having the newest camera you can is always nice, but I’d personally take a mint 2012 one over a tatty 2014, but if I had to chose between two mint examples one a 2014 the other a 2012, I get the newer one

That’s about all I can think of right now


Hi @AdamBonn – sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to this!

I really appreciate your detailed help, can’t thank you enough for sharing what you know with a newbie like me! You must be an experienced buyer of used cameras??

I’m keeping this guide on hand for all of my used camera pursuits, again thanks a million :smiley:

All my best, Charlotte


No problem

Over more years than I’d like to add up… there has been the occasional purchase here and there

I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about the X-Pro range as well!