X-Pro 2 heat issues?


Has anyone had issues with their X-Pro2 getting too hot?

I just got back from a two week trip in Denmark. While there, I was shooting every day about 8 hours or so. During this time, I would find shoot then turn off the camera until my next shot. X-Pro2 worked great in every instance even in burst mode while photographing friends jumping off a diving board.

But, just yesterday after having the camera sit at home for a couple of days without any shooting, I noticed how warm it would get once turned on to take a few shots. Even my wife commented on how the shutter sounded slightly different. So, I take out the battery and let it cool down. I wait a day and do some more test shots… everything seems ok now.

I’m wondering if this is normal or if I should send to Fuji since I’m still under my 1-year warranty.

Can anyone provide insight into this?



My X-Pro 2 does get quite hot when I shooting continuously for a few hours with the EVF turned on but would settle down when left switched off for a bit.

The different shutter sound is slightly worrying to me though… Does your battery look like it might have suffered from heat damage in any way (expanded ever so slightly)?

If you have an easy way to get your camera looked over it cannot hurt to have it checked out I would say.

BTW, have been following you on IG and really like the images from Denmark! Any insights on how you work on your files? :slight_smile:


You know, I’m not real sure about the batteries. I have one Fuji battery and about 4 Wasabi brand ones. They all seem ok from what I can tell.

I’m thinking of emailing Fuji and see what they say. My warranty is up in January so, I just want to make sure things are good by then. I would get it check locally but, I’ll likely have to pay even just to get checked out.

Thanks for the kind words about my recent work from Denmark! So my basic workflow was to use an Apple Lightning SD card reader attached to my iPhone. It’s terribly slow but it works. I’ll import into Photos then, edit using Mastin Lab’s “Film Born” app. Then I’ll publish to Instagram. In the future, I’ll be picking up an iPad Pro for travel which will be much faster than the iPhone workflow. This method works great for me simply because I think the Fuji files look great straight out of the camera and don’t need too much editing. I do love Mastin Labs for Lightroom. The only downside for this workflow is that I don’t have anywhere near the control I would have when using the LR presets. Maybe, one-day Adobe will develop some pro level iOS apps.


Do you know if the wasabi battery was in the camera when that happened? I went through a ton of wasabi batteries because they would swell up. Luckily it never swelled in the camera, but the cause was the wasabi brand charger. It doesn’t trickle charge and stop charging after the battery reaches 100% so it causes irreversible damage to the cells. Ever since then I use only the Fuji OEM charger and I haven’t had a wasabi battery go bad on me once. Maybe the cells were going bad and generated heat within the camera? I can’t say for sure, it’s just a educated guess. Send it in under warranty though before it expires, at least for peace of mind!


Yeah, not a Wasabi charger. I only own the Fuji OEM one and have a few Wasabi batteries along with the one Fuji OEM battery. Things seem ok this week… I’m heading out of town again this weekend so, I’ll do some more testing before calling Fuji.


Well, I sometimes feel that the LCD gets very hot when walking around with the x-pro2 turned on. I don’t use the LCD much, so it is always turned off. But it still gets very hot sometimes. I haven’t figured out what causes it. Strangely enough, it seems that it is when I use the camera in manual mode (focus and aperture/exposure), and OVF. But I can’t say it for sure. I will see next time it happens… But it never happened when turned off, like yours. (Original batteries only)