X-H1 humming

Is there anyone using the Fujifilm X-H1? If yes do you know if the constant humming that I can hear is normal? With or without IBIS on?
It’s only when I review the pictures that I cannot hear it.

I had an XH1 and believe that’s the IBIS motor. It’s normal.

Thank you for your help.

Definitely the IBIS motors. They lift and hold the sensor in its in-use position even when they aren’t actively stabilizing it. You can see and hear the sensor move a few millimeters backward and forward if you turn the camera on and off without a lens attached. That “thunk” noise when you turn it on or off is the sensor moving between its locked (reasonably safely cleanable?) position and its in-use position. It also makes that noise when you start or end picture review, so it could be locking the sensor down on the assumption that you’ll be turning the camera around, maybe handing it to somebody else, while reviewing. Fuji’s IS lenses must also use a similar process, as they also make noise when IS is not active.

Interesting! Thanks @pldove. No problems with that if it’s on a tripod and IBIS is supposed to be disabled? The relative under-value of the X-H1 has me eyeing getting one. :)

@will859 Dunno … haven’t put mine on a tripod yet. Only got it a few days ago. :slight_smile:

It’s quite nice, and you can’t beat the value anywhere. Maybe the grip gets a little in the way of the shutter dial – a common criticism – but I usually use aperture priority so it’s no problem for me.

I think the H1 and T3 make a good complimentary pair. Fuji should have taken a less kitchen-sink approach to both cameras and made each even better by being more specialized. But then neither one would have sold, I suppose. Everybody wants the camera equivalent of a pickup-racecar-tractor-trailer-helicopter-tank-motorcycle-hovercraft-submarine and complains that something isn’t perfect.

You forgot “big enough to look professional while still fitting in my pocket.”

See? See what I mean? Can’t please anybody around here … :grin:

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