Worried about shooting eclipse with X-T2


I am thinking of shooting a time lapse of the eclipse with my X-T2 and 16mm …what I am worried about is even though I will have a solar filter on the lens what is the potential of damaging the sensor?

On A DSLR the only time the sensor would be exposed is during a shot but as we all know the sensor on the X-T2 would be exposed the entire time I was shooting a time lapse which in this case will be for about 2 hours.

I might just shoot it with my Canon 5D Mark III and the 16-35mm to be safe.

Any thoughts on the subject?


I shot a UK eclipse with an X-E1 with a homemade solar filter

I sandwiched some solar filter sheet between two pieces of cardboard with a circular hole cut out, and then attached this to a cardboard tube which fitted over the end of the lens. Obviously you can’t focus through it, but infinity focus should be fine. Make sure there are no pinholes in your filter!!!

The camera suffered no ill effects.

Eclipse Sequence sm by David Yeoman, on Flickr


I’m planning on shooting the eclipse with my X-T2 and a 16-stop ND filter. The 16-stop is so dense that I’m not super worried about the sensor. Can’t wait to see what you capture!


I’d recommend using a proper solar filter not a 16 stopper, I know that 16 stop is dense, but if it doesn’t stop the IR wavelengths, you will warm up your sensor, especially after taking several long exposure shots. A solar filter is not expensive and easy to fit to a lens with some simple cardboard. I think mine cost about £10 all in.