Workflow with Lightroom Mobile


Anyone here using Lightroom Mobile?

Now when I want to post something to Instagram, I add the photo to a synchronized collection, open on LR Mobile and export from there.

I also tried getting the SD card from the camera and using a USB-C OTG dongle to transfer the files to the phone, open in LR Mobile and it works fine. Even with RAW (well, I never tried with Fuji RAF, Leica uses DNG).

After I started doing this, I’m getting used to LR Mobile and its lack of resources to the point where I’m becoming very lazy to edit on my computer. Well, I’m not a professional photographer, if I were a pro, probably I’d be using a more capable software.

What are your thoughts on LR Mobile?


After Adobe updated Lightroom mobile back in April, I use it to edit all of the photos I take on my Pixel 2. Whenever I post something to my story I usually pass it through LR mobile. (Unless I’m reaaaly lazy)


My workflow from camera to Instagram is like yours, edit in Classic, sync to LR Mobile then download from there. If I’m only putting the images in my feed I also use a program called Grids (suggested my Scott Kelby) that runs on the computer then it’s very easy to post to Instagram.