Which ND Filter?


I’m traveling to FL over Xmas and want to try my hand at long exposures and the silky smooth water you get with it. I’m planning on taking this during the day and I understand I need a 10 stop filter. There’s a gazillion of them ranging from $35-$200. I’m trying to stay under $100 and found these at B&H. Any thoughts on which is a good “starter” filter?



In my experience the B+W filters have always been a great choice. Great results every time.


Thanks! I just bought the MRC 10 stop from amazon. Looking forward to trying it out next week


I did a similar thing. I purchased Hoya ProND 1000 (10 stop) and Hoya ProND 64 (6 stop). Both are 62mm thread to fit directly on my xf55-200 and purchased a step up ring so they can fit on my XF 18-55. Work Great, didn’t cost much and suit my needs.