What are the best Fujinon vintages lenses?


Hello everyone!

I’ve been looking for some old 35mm Fujinon glass to fill the gaps in the focal lengths that I don’t have yet. I’ve been looking for something 50mm and longer for my portraits, but when I search on Google I only get the new XF Fujinon lenses.

What are your recommendations?



You’re looking for native or adapted lens?


Here is a list of Fujica lenses.
And here is an adapter from China which will possibly solve your problem.


I’m looking for the Fuji X (35mm) legacy mount lenses.


Have you had any experience with them?


Nope. I just know this from having thought about this route myself because Fuji have always been known for quality optics. Didn’t end up following it though.


I’m afraid no such things. The Fuji X mount as far as I know is rather new. Using older fujinon lens would still need adapter, thus no benefit compared to using other brands.

Actually, other brands have some 35mm with Fuji X mount so no need to use adapter, but still it’s manual focus only.


I’ve been using a Minolta MC Rokkor 58mm 1.4 and it’s been a lot of fun so far!

Sometimes the colours are a tiny bit off and there seems to be a sort of ‘‘glow’’ at times depending on the lighting, but for what it costs, I think it’s definitely worth it. It is quite a beautiful lens too and is not really big or heavy, which is nice.

Here are a couple of pictures I’ve taken with it:
Portrait 1
Botanical Garden


Also you can try helios vintage manuel lens. Cheap and highly recommended.


I second the last reply. I am regularly shooting with my old Helios lens that came with my Zenit E camera. They create a beautiful background.


I’d definitely look into adapting Minolta primes, as others have mentioned. The glass is super high quality and very inexpensive for what you’re getting. You can find great deals on lenses and cheap adapters. Of course, all of these will be fully manual, so hopefully that’s okay with you!