Welcome to the Fujifeed forum!


:wave: Hey there, I’m glad to see you! This forum exists to discuss anything Fujifilm related, from beginner questions to complex discussions. Welcome!

What is Fujifeed?

Fujifeed is a global community of Fujifilm users (digital and film), it’s goal is to discover and publish photographers (and promote them). I’ve been running it since January 2016 with sometimes the help of a few great individuals.

Where can I follow this project?

Fujifeed is active mainly on Instagram @fujifeed but also on the website fujifeed.com were we post series, interviews, articles, tutorials and reviews. There’s also a Facebook page that you can follow (and like) plus a Facebook group you can join. We also have an instant discussion group running on Slack that everyone can join.

How can I support this project?

Be active on the forum, give a little rating on the Fujifeed Facebook page, spread the word, tell your friends about it! You can even become a Patron on Patreon and give 1$ a month (or more) toward this whole project (because yes, it costs me money to run it!)

Thank you sincerely,
Samuel Zeller