Very worried - Blurry viewfinder X-T10


I’ve had my X-T10 for just over 2 years and it’s worked great, no major issues. Until now.

I am in Barcelona and lately its been very very hot and humid. The other night on the way home after shooting for much of the day I took a break for a few pints to watch the Eng Cro game. After the game I went to go take a few shots and noticed that my viewfinder was now blurry.

Shooting and viewing with the LCD screen is fine and when I take photos and view them in the LCD they are also clear, so it’s definitely just the viewfinder. When I look through the viewfinder the image is blurry as well as all of the text, digital data/information and grids.

Hoping it was just some fog inside I left the body (wrapped in paper towel) in a tupperware on top a layer of rice hoping it might suck out any moisture. I checked today and the viewfinder is still blurry. All other parts of the camera are working good.

Considering I almost only use my viewfinder for shooting this is a big big problem for me.

Has anyone had this happen? Does any have a recommendation for fixing? I basically have no budget at all whatsoever and am pretty worried. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hm I sounds like you should try to dry it more - is there a way to open the thing and let it ventilate properly also the inside? Maybe there was some moist in it and now you have some remains after the water evaporated.

But first things first: I am sure you checked the diopter control? I had a similar issue but it was just stupid me not seeing that the wheel had turned.


Fog and optics just go together. Any time glass is cooler than humid air, you’ll get condensation. I see lens rear element fogging in the first few minutes outside on humid days, and viewfinder fogging after a few hours on rainy days with my X-T2. I called support about it and the tech said viewfinder fogging on wet days is typical for that camera (I hope they don’t have it marked as “no-repair” now!). One thing I notice is that the viewfinder takes a long time to fog and a long time to dry out, so it seems to be just sealed well enough to take a few hours to fog, then take a long time to clear up also. My Fuji lenses seem to be more prone to fogging than my Canons (less thermal mass from being smaller?). If you take the lens off and it’s foggy, you can dry it (for long enough to take a picture or two) by fanning it with your hand. I do the same for the sensor, even if it doesn’t look foggy. I’m trying a gaffer tape outer seal around the eyepiece, under the eyecup, so that might help with rain (I sealed my old 5D with GT around the battery, card, and grip). It hasn’t really rained since I added tape to the X-T2, though.

OT: What you do with telescopes is get some nichrome heater wire and wrap it around the objective and eyepiece lenses to keep them warm and dry on humid nights.


Oh my, I feel so bad right now. It was totally the diopter control. Didn’t even think of it because it was set perfectly since I purchased the camera. Ugghh. So glad I’m “back to normal” now haha. Thanks for the info still very helpful.


great! Love to hear you a happy photographer again.


I was about to say, always check the Diopter first. :slight_smile:


For being as hard as it is to adjust on purpose, the diopter sure seems to move on its own pretty easily!