Using deep learning to create professional-level photographs


Google shows us how they’ve used AI to create good photographs. They wanted to see how machines can be taught subjective concepts, so they created “an experimental deep-learning system for artistic content creation.”

The artificial intelligence Google built aims to mimic the workflow of a real professional photographer. It roams landscape panoramas found in Google Street View and hunts for the best compositions. Once it finds a nice-looking photo, it uses post-processing techniques to improve the look of the shot like photographers do in Photoshop or Lightroom.


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I thought that this was incredible, shows how fast and far deep learning has gotten


One day (soon I think) cameras will offer this as part of their automation modes


What if they could tell you that the subject you’re photographing has been done already too many times haha? Like if you try to shoot someone holding a smokebomb in the forest the camera just freeze :joy:



“Error 404”

It appears that you’re blatantly plagiarising HCB. Please reinsert subject and try again


I picture it like Marvin the paranoid android from the Hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy. A very depressed and monotone voice saying “Oh, another picture of your hand holding a leaf in front of the camera in a forest… just wonderful… not”