Uploading to Instagram without compression

Awesome Alex, thanks for the templates!

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this is fantastic, thanks guys!

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Thank you for the templates, Sir.

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Glad you liked them. :smiley: Are they being useful? How have they worked for you?

Hey there, so I use Lightroom mobile to edit my RAF files and then edit in vsco if I wanted to put an additional filter. When I export it, using the regular 3:2 ratio, does instagram compress it? What about when you use the LR Instagram plugin for uploads??

Thanks so much!

Been using them since my above post. They work a treat.

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Hi Kel,
If you don’t use the export size specified above or don’t use Alex export settings, it will be compressed.

Hey Mike,

The thing is, the LR mobile and VSCO doesn’t have export settings… just aspect ratio.

On the ratio, did you mean 5:4 and not 4:5?

Thanks for the reply

It’s depend if the photo u took it’s in vertical or in horizontal
But if u use ur phone or tablet it’s better if u download instafit the app let u select diferents borders styles and u can replicate the templates someone publish here that require Lightroom on a computer

Hey Kel,

Ah you mean on the mobile version?
If yes, you have no choice on sizing unfortunately.

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Thank you for sharing!

@alex.rds These are really helpful templates. I was considering how to place a border around my images this week and considered using the print module. I wanted something I could easily batch export through the regular LR export dialogue box. I ended up creating a preset using the LR/Mogrify 2 plug-in.
https://www.photographers-toolbox.com/products/lrmogrify2.php. It took a little bit of math to figure out how to get the job done with the borders but I’ve found this process much more streamline than moving to the print module.

In the attached example I only have the top and bottom borders placed, but there are all kinds of configurations that are possible.


This is just fantastic! Not that I’m using Instagram but some of my friends that I have shot do, so now I don’t have to hazzle anymore with this annoying thing that they come back to me with a request to change the aspect ratio of their/mine pictures! Thanks a bunch fella!

I always upload at 300dpi, and for portrait orientated images I (using photoshop) 1st make the height 1350px and then expand the canvas width to 1080px if necessary

Thanks for your templates !! Nice work!

Hello and welcome! The information in this thread is really helpful for exactly that. If you work within their guidelines, chances of Instagram doing ugly compression on your images are minimized. The key is exporting your images with the right aspect ratio and size before uploading.

Also, pop over to the Introduction section and say hello! It’s a great community here, lots of help available.

Thank! Very helpful! For a long time and painfully did not understand how to do it, Thanks to you, I finally know!

Hi alex. thanks for sharing. It´s very usefull.

I’m not sure this is about compression as much as it’s about image sizing within the limits of Instagram.

thanks for sharing.