TYROL: Beautiful things don't ask for attention [GFX50S]

Hello there, it’s been a while! Every year my father and I go out for a little photography related trip. I guess most of you remember my trip to the swiss alps from last year. This year we decided to visit Tyrol Austria for a 3 day trip.

Day 1:
We started at Gerolstal and hiked all the way up to the Zittauer Hütte/Cabin. On our way there we cam across a beautiful forest with thousands of little waterfalls and creeks. The normal time said it should took us 3hours but thanks to the forest we reached the Zittauer Hütte/Cabin after 5 hours. ;-)
On top we went for a little lunch and after that we checked our room and immediately hiked to the next top where we spent our evening photographing a little lake and some mountaintops.

Day 2:
We got up at 4am and hiked up to the previous spot just to catch the mountain chain at blue and golden hour. Sunrise on top of a mountain is a feeling of beauty, isolation and peacefulness I would love to feel every morning. But hey, that’s what makes it special, right? After that we went back down and went all the way back to the car. Next destination on our list was the Krimmler Waterfalls. A little bit exhausted we realized the whole park isn’t just one waterfalls and maaaany steps would be required to check them all. There are 3 different waterfalls located on top of each other. We checked them all but quickly realized there where too many people and the sun wasn’t working for the photos we had in mind. So we decided to check in our hotel, go for the famous 2 days-after-hike shower and eat pizza. Tomorrow morning we will be back!

Day 3:
We got up at a pretty reasonable time, compared to the previous days and after a goold old breakfast we went back to the Krimmler Waterfalls. The weather wasn’t that good but at least there was no harsh sunlight ruining the shot.

Gear Talk:
For this trip I teamed up with the lovely folks at Fujifilm Germany which where kind enough to lend me a GFX50s for this trip. I went with the 32-64mm as my go-to lens because it covers the most focal length. Luckily my father already owns a GFX and also has the 100-200mm which I borrowed for one shot. But 99% of the time I stuck with the 32-64mm which is an incredible lens. I had my X-T2 with the 27, 10-24 and the 50-140mm with me but decided last minute that I won’t take it with me and left it in the car. My backpack was already heavy and I wanted to really test the GFX50s fulltime. What can I say? I fell in love with it. Now I need to figure out how to get one myself. ;-)

If you have any questions just let me know, I would love to hear them!

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I try to write a little more in depth/behind the scenes story behind every shot so if you are interested in that you should check that one out. But enough talking, let’s check out those pics! :-)

PS: Sorry for all the watermarks, those are the ones I use for shameless self promotion on reddit and I didn’t want to crash Samuels Server with the Original +50MB GFX Files. So these are the only downsized versions I have at the moment. :wink:




The third (black and white waterfall) and the milky-way picture and the last one stand out to me. All in terms of successful but a bit unusual composition:
you filled the frame nicely with the waterfall and by lack of disturbing surroundings the forzen motion is much more apparent.
You centered in on where the milky-way touches the horizon to get some symmetry where the lines meet. Makes me dream somehow as it leads from the horizon out of the image on top!
And very nice to not have too much sky in the last one!