Travelling to Asia and North America - tips and meetups?


Heya everyone!

I’ll be travelling a lot in the next weeks/months, starting with a trip full circle around the globe from London to Seoul and ending in New York before heading back.
The full journey will be South Korea (Seoul and Busan, maybe one more stop), Taipei and natural parks, Tokyo and Kyoto, Hawaii (Maui most likely, if no hurricanes/volcanoes), San Francisco, Toronto and New York. I think it’s crazy, especially considering I only have a month because I need to be somewhere else mid-October, but I’m extremely excited about the journey.

I’m looking for tips (photo-wise) and for people willing to meet and perhaps go shooting together. This whole trip is about immersing in different cultures and connecting with as many people as possible, so I’m really keen on meeting.

Thanks a million!!!


I fail to see how you could cover all that within a month’s time, especially you mention immersing and getting to know cultures. Your schedule is a hit and run trip. Ha! You could easily spend weeks in Japan alone. I went there for a little short of two weeks and I felt I didn’t have enough time.

I suggest you clarify your expectations. Either choose less countries so you could spend more time in each. Or, do the hit and run to cover more places (short time each place, no immersion).

Unfortunately I’m not in one of your destinations otherwise I could meet and take you around town.

As far as tips, bring several batteries. Get double charger so you don’t have to get up and switch batteries. Two or three double charger means you can charge 4-6 batteries over night. You’ll be up and about from morning to night, so a good night sleep is a must. No more worry about charging batteries. They are small so won’t take up too much space. Many dual chargers could also use powerbank to charge during the day in the bag.
Only you know how many batteries you need during the day. If you don’t need to, don’t bring big powerbank, 10.000 should be enough to use during the day to charge 2-3 batteries in the bag.

Read up and get the correct adapters for each countries. Save time and hassle from going all over the place looking for one when you get there.


That’s a very ambitious trip that you’re planning on undertaking. Depending on what dates you’ll be in Toronto I may be able to meet up with you. I’ll be doing some travel myself to Europe in October so it may not work out. Let me know.


I just don’t do the tourist, I blend with the locals (when they allow to let me in). Then sometimes the locals will take me to the touristy point of interest anyway because it matters to them as an expression of their culture, but it’s not necessarily my goal.
Normally I would stay longer in the places I visit, and since I wrote the post I have actually removed 2 stops from the itinerary, but it’s still something I know I can do.



Thank you Rich,

Toronto looks like it’s going to be end of September. :slight_smile: