Tools for tracking clients, projects & ideas


Hi folks,

Are you all using any interesting tools to keep track of your potential clients, projects, schedules, etc.? I’ve got a few things percolating right now across various email and text message threads, as well as ideas I’d like to pursue which mostly live in my head. I know that reaches its limit pretty quickly. What are you using to not drop the ball?


Basecamp or Trello are my faves.


I do like Trello, giving it a whirl.


+1 on Trello, especially the fact that you can track which phase each card is on… but that’s just one use case out of many.


Trello is awesome, and I’m just starting to try as well.


Been using Trello for quite a while now and it’s proven quite useful. I’ve got lists for ideas, scheduled shoots, post work needed, mood boards (it’s not great at that). But the big thing for me is making myself get in it every day and making something happen to keep cards moving from the Ideas list to the Done list. It’s been great.


I’m a big fan of Notion!


oh the CRM part of Notion looks cool. I’m definitely missing that so far.


Holy shit, been playing around with notion right now, and is REALLY something worth trying, and the design is beautiful.