Tips to use X-Transformer


Hi folks!

A week ago I made a post on my blog explaining the new features in the latest version of Iridient X-Transformer (beta 4).

I will lazily link to my original post, but feel free to ask me any question here!


Thanks for these tutorials, I would’ve been lost on my own trying to figure out x-transformer.

Is there a good method for automatically getting rid of the old .RAF files after converting?


@heathvs Thanks!

Usually, I will set X-Transformer to output the DNG in a subfolder (inside the parent folder, where all my RAFs are) , or even a completely separate folder and then I can quickly select all my RAF (watch out for the output folder) and delete them.

Here’s the setting panel you want to look at :

You need to restard X-Transformer after these settings are changed.


So from a workflow perspective, you develop the RAF to DNG (only on images you are processing) then make additional adjustments (global and local) to the DNG in LR? Is that correct?


Exactly! You could also import the RAF to Lightroom, and retro-convert to dng the ones you want to edit further!


Hey Jacob, I tried following your instructions for installing the plugin for light room. I wasn’t able to find the folder “Lightroom Settings” I am on Mac OS 10.12.5 and updated Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


If the “Lightroom Settings” folders are not in your Lightroom Library folder, they must be in ‘/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/’
To test the detail changes, here’s the easiest way :

  1. Import the RAF to Lightroom,
  2. Edit this RAF using X-Transfromer (as a plugin, as described in my post),
  3. Compare the two.

If the shot is in focus, you should see a big difference in small details (objects in the distance, trees, eyes, etc)
Then, if you batch convert all your RAF (in a future session) using X-Transformer and import them in Lightroom, You’ll see the same detail as the edited RAF in 2) and 3).

Hope I’m a bit clearer!


Hi Jacob, thanks for your input. I was able to get loaded. I am wondering if I have not quite got it though. The resulting file is a TIFF file, and I can’t say that I see a notable difference in detail. The RAF file on the left is 100% view out of camera and the TIFF on the right is passed through X-Transformer with your sharpening preset applied in compare mode


Hi Randy, sorry for the late reply, I didn’t saw your post!

When viewed fullscreen, I get the feeling that your picture might not be 100% in focus, because you can see the added details in the trees, in the rock, etc. But there is still a kind of blurryness all around the picture… Depending on the lenses and the subject, the results can vary greatly.

I do a lot of landscape shots with the XF10-24 @ F5.6 to 8 and focus at infinity and sometimes the tree are till blurry even with x-transformer (I suspect the lens if the problem).

On the other hand, I see the biggest difference between LR and X-transformer when using the XF23F1.4 and taking close-up portraits : the eyes will pop out more, the hairs will look crips, etc.


Hey Jacob!

Thank u for that little tutorial!
I´m using Iridient X Transformers for a few days now and I´m suprised about the ingreas of the Imega quality!!
But I still have some troubles with it .

I used it as the Plug-In in LR and stack the TIFF/DNG´s in the same folder as the RAF. After I chose a couple of photos in LR, I sent them to X Transformer and than X Transformer asked me on every single file, if I want to transform
it to the DNG. Well that´s a bit annoying but for sure the better deal than having a bad Image quality.

But now I choose more than 100 Shots and send them to X Transformer. It seems to be, the program isn´t transforming the Images to DNGs. It´s not even asking, if it should transform the files. And as I develope them in LR there are just 3 options at the Whitebalance instead of 9!?
Maybe I have some settings wrong or did the program not handle so many files at once?
I hope u can help me!
Oh and I´m working on Windows…

Thx Rudi