Tips for finding new clients?


Hey all! I’ve been trying to expand my freelancing a bit for 2019. Any tips for finding new clients? I shoot a ton of different genres (see here) of photography. So far, most of my work has come from word of mouth for headshots.

Any tips for finding new clients, especially outside of portraiture or headshot work? How do you find good businesses to approach, and what do you tell them?



Hi Ian, I’ve been writing a bit on the subject before here:

It is of course methods that will work better with some type of photography. I still find that word of mouth is the strongest way, but it can takes a lot of time!


Thanks Samuel. These are great tips. I’ve been trying to rethink my web strategy for 2019, and I think I need to include my photography with that as well.

I think I was just trying to do too much with my website. I’ve just made a few changes to my smugmug based portfolio (see here) to try and tighten it up a bit. I’d like to add an archive like yours. Do you know if I can set one up while using Smugmug as my portfolio as well?

I’d also like to find a good way to sell prints. Not sure if I’m better suited setting up a print-to-order service, or just making and shipping them myself based on interest.

You were actually the inspiration behind me getting set up on Unsplash. I was really proud to recently pass 600k views, but clearly I’ve got a long way to go!