Tips for asking Fuji for funding / equipment for a project?


I have been using an XT-10 for quite some time and really love it, it’s great street photography camera but there are several burned out pixels on the sensor and it’s not ideal having to edits these out for every photo.

I really feel like it’s time to take on a bigger project and I’d like to use a better camera lens combination and if possible film as well using the XH1. I already have a great pitch and idea for my project, as well as dates, flights and accommodation figured out. I think I really just make some adjustments with my equipment and I can do something quite special.

I am hoping someone has advice or tips for talking to Fuji about being part of a project, possibly lending, donating or offering equipment at a discount to be a part of the project? Any help would be very much appreciated.


Hi,Could you more explain “burned out pixel” pls?


Yes. There are always two very small white spots that come out on every photo.
When zoomed in all the way it’s two completely white pixels, theyre always white. If you zoom out s bit it looks like a small white line. I have to edit the white spots on each photo. I think the only place this could be is on the sensor. It doesn’t matter which lens I use or anything. I have read posts in other forums saying that it’s normal that after much use that you might experience a “burned out” pixel" on the sensor as I’ve heard it referred to. Thoughts?