Third party batteries


I put together my experience here:


Interesting tests of various 3rd party batteies and w126 w126s Fuji ones.
NP-W126S Batteries Test

Personally I own 3 3rd party batteries from different brands (Phottix, Chilipower and Starblitz)
for the price of 1 Fuji original, and of course they last less than the Fuji ones but not that big difference.

I’m planning to get Patona or EXPro white for my soon coming X-T20 as in this test but also in another one in French they seem to be the best overall performance/Price option.
Hope that coud help.


personally all of mine broke early while my fuji ones still go perfectly fine.
bigger problem was the remaining battery indication so they would run out quite sudden. I have many users reported many kind of failures. others say they have no problems. maybe it depends on brands and how hard/often/environment you use them.


I have two EXPro white batteries that are still going strong after 2.5 years of regular use.

They get an average of about 15-20 less shots per charge (so hardly any difference) than my genuine Fuji ones

If one is worried then only buy genuine, the price difference is small for peace of mind.

If one is not worried, then the price saving is quite substantial (as a percentage)


I have a lot of the Pantona Premium and never had a problem with them. Yes, the battery didn’t last as long as the original but this also have less mAh…


2 Patona Premiums on their way this week to use with my new x-t20.
Will try to check how less they last vs the original ones.


Ohh i would be interested in facts and numbers how they perform with your x-t20. I “only” own the x-t10 and x-t1


Well I don’t think I would do a real technical check but more on a user side one.
ie: do they run really less than originals,
what about the camera battery life indicators etc…

In practice I’m using my cams as a photographer not much for videos… Where they might be pushed to their real limits…
Have you check my link above about more precise checkings?