The Deer Whisperer


The Deer Whisperer
Nara Park, Japan

The free roaming and tamed deers in Nara Park are considered by the Japanese to be the messengers of god. Interestingly, they’ve learnt to bow down to people who feed them.

One of the deers was kind enough to pose for a photo!

Fujifilm X100T

Fujifilm X100T

This is my first ever post on any photography forum and I’m grateful for the invite by Fujifeed. I can’t wait to view the works of talented photographers, like yourselves, as this community continues to grow.

I’m currently a student from Singapore and I’d love to connect with you guys on Instagram:

Have a blessed new year ahead everyone!


Hi! Very nice pics. The one with the deer winking made my day :grin:

Have a great new year! :wink:


Thank you! The deers were adorable.