The budget Nokton - my 7artisans 35mm F/1.2 review


I was encouraged by @zellersamuel to post my 7artisans 35mm F/1.2 review here, and this seems likes the appropriate section.

Feel free to ask questions!



Very nice shots there!

Do you also have the 25/1.8? How do you compared the two? You mentioned, “The corners are better than the Nokton’s, or many vintage or other cheap modern lenses like the 7artisans 25mm F/1.8.” Could you elaborate on that, and perhaps on other things as well?

Do you also have the 35/1.4? How do compared the two? You mentioned, “While the Fujifilm 35mm F/1.4 R is sharper and renders smoother bokeh, focus-by-wire just isn’t the same.” Could you elaborate on that, and perhaps on other things as well?



Just read this review via Reddit. Thanks for sharing it here as well. I went down a Google rabbit hole of m42 adapters after visiting your site hahaha.



Nice review! I’d been looking into 35mm lenses a lot lately, and I was strongly considering the 7artisans 35mm f2 since I’d read it was quite a bit sharper than the f1.2. Then I heard about the Zeiss Flektogon 35mm f2.4 M42 lens which is apparently extremely sharp and can often be bought for around the same price as the 7artisans. Then I heard about the Mir-1 37mm f2.8 which is a Russian copy of the Flektogon, and while not quite as sharp as the Zeiss it is still very sharp while being a good bit cheaper. I picked one up in nice condition on Monday for ~£30 including delivery from Ukraine (I think that price was partly thanks to the auction ending at 5 am). It’ll likely be a week or so before I receive it, but I’d be happy to update with whether it’s actually any good or not.

Edit - It’s not getting delivered until the end of November :sob:



Did you end up getting it yet? Love to see some sample shots if you’ve got them.



Great review and beautiful shots there!

Edit: just placed an order, found one new for under £100… will report back!



Sorry for the late reply, I’d been out of action for a while after ending up in hospital while in Tenerife. It did arrive, but I haven’t had much chance to get some good shots from it yet. I’ve got a lens hood for it as well now, which is really a must for this lens since it really suffers from some serious lens flare, but it didn’t arrive before I went on holiday which was a bummer. I did use it while I was away, but I haven’t got round to properly going through them yet. I’ll be sure to post them once I’ve sorted them all out.



Oh wow, sorry to hear about that. I’m glad you’re doing okay.

If you get a chance to post some samples, I’d love to see them, but no rush!

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Oh gosh, hope you’re okay now!
Which hood did you get?

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Thanks guys! Yeah, I’m doing a lot better now. Kidney stones are a bitch :rofl:

I got this hood, which as far as I can tell is what the Mir-1’s originally came with, or was at least originaly made for them. Seems like it should do the trick, but I’ve yet to put it through it’s paces with it on.



Nice shot. It will be great and handy.