The Azores - mid-Atlantic paradise


Hello guys,
As you probavly seen on my presentation, i live in a small archipelago in north atlantic, Portuguese land called The Azores.
Here in the middle of nowhere we have some ashtoning and breathtaking landscapes. Some visitors here say that we are a mixture of Hawaii and Ireland (never been there to confirm but…)
Anyway, i created this post to share with you some of my land: people, culture, landscapes or seascapes, documentary and so on.

Here is my very first, a self portrait that symbolizes how small we (really) are.

X-T2 / Samyang 12mm f2.0

I’ll try to keep this post updated.
Meanwhile i’d like to share my instagram account with you.

Take care!





Very nice! thx for sharing


This one is particularly awesome! :ok_hand:




And beacuse the Azores are not landscapes only…


Wonderful photographs! Thank you for sharing. Keep them coming!



How not to love these islands? This is my home! :wink:


Is the person talking to a tame pelican?


Definitely has a few locations that feel like Hawaii. I’d go as far as saying we don’t have landscapes than can even compare to those you’ve got over there! :+1:


Two Fishermans @takesuspete


Wow fantastic photos!! Muito obrigado .
I was planning to pay a visit to these islands in 2018 thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I must say you’ve just now made me sure to do it!!
Superb views!