SWISS ALPS: Beautiful things don't ask for attention [X-T2]


Hey all! Just came back from my annual hiking trip with my father. This year it was all about the swiss alps. Our shedule was like the following:

We hiked from Bergün to a lodge called „Keschhütte“ and stayed there for a night. This was the best chance to do some astrophotography, a topic I am not really used to but for my first time I think I did okay. But at this conditions, you really can’t do any wrong. It was about 4:45am in the morning (or night?) and about -10 degrees and with headlamps attached we started our hike to Lake Lai Da Ravais. It was so cold I barely couldn’t press the shutter but it was magical. We made it there just in time and it was the first time I was more impressed with the “blue hour” than the “golden hour”. The moment before the sun showed up was all about mood. I also came to the conclusion that landscape photography is all about just being there. Something i tend to forget when I am at home watching youtube videos of other photographers.

On our second day we took the last ropeway to the top of the Jakobshorn and hiked to the final peak to have the best possible view for our photos. We waited there for about a 1 hour til sunset and whoever created this planet sent us one hell of a sunset. The sky literally exploded that day. The next day we did a walk through Monstein and Zuegenschlucht which is a pretty impressive canyon. But enough talking, here are some photos!

Oh. Gear! Our guilty pleasure I guess, let’s talk about gear. I had my beloved X-T2 with me and as far as lenses go I went with the 16mm, 50-140mm (yes, I hiked with that! 30km/20miles!) and the 27mm). I had 6 batteries with me and I think I needed 2 of them? I was quite impressed, especially when I think about how cold it was. Well done Fuji! So let’s get started with the pics!

Edit: Be sure to check the replies to this post, since I am a new user I only can attach 5 photos per post, so make sure to check out the other posts for seeing the swiss alps in all its glory!

If you have any questions just let me know, I would love to hear them! If you are interested in my work and would love to see more, you can find me on Instagram where I will be posting more and more photos from my hiking trip through the swiss alps.

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lovely shots! don’t mind seeing lot of them…

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Thank you very much @rokphish! That what a I call a warm welcome! :-)



Stunning shots Adrian! Updated the new users settings to allow 15 images in one post. It’s only a limit that applies to fresh new users. Could I use the shot of the church (DSF6555) and the shot of the sunset (DSF7050) to illustrate lenses on (with credits and link to your Instagram, images resized to 1500px width)?



Hey Samuel, thank you for the kind words! Sure! The church (6555) was taken with the 50-140mm and the sunset (7050) with the 16mm! Credits would mean the world to me since I am new to all this and try to make things work. Thank you! :-)



Really really nice @adrianschiefele!



Thank you! Glad you like it!



I saw the night shot of the lodge on reddit the other day. Fantastic shots!



Haha, the internet is a small place I guess. :-D Thank you!



Thanks a lot Adrian. Images are added here and here. If you also want to add some testimonials about those two lenses let me know. Edit: I saw the church shot on Reddit as well ;)



Wow! @adrianschiefele you have a nice little set of photographs here. My favorites are the ones taken with the 50-140. The detail you were able to capture mountains is incredible.



all great shots but this one stands out to me as you managed to capture the nuances of the different mountains fading in the distance so nicely!

I hope you enjoyed your time here in Switzerland!



Yay, pretty cool, thank you! Okay, I will think about the testimonials when I have a little bit more time! :)



Thank you Michael, means a lot to me! I think they are my favorites too!



Thank you for opinion, glad you like the pics. I noticed there is some crazy lightroom fault on the left edge I couln’t get rid of so far… I try to get it fixed asap.

Switzerland is awesome, can’t wait to get back! :-)



Awesome shots! Keep going



Incredible work here. I’ve been wanting to do more landscape photography.



There is a super nice feature of @adrianschiefele s work over at Fuji X Passion where he explains also a few things. I really enjoyed it. If you want to check it out -> this way!