Studio Shooter? Favourite Modifier?


This actually made me speechless, I love this! How did the actual photo turn out?


Sweet Jesus that is so good!


Hi there, this is the final version. The original is just a bit more saturated and less contrasty. Unfortunely i cannot afford a 100F at this time, but it would be awesome to have a fastest AF and 24mp sensor to use with my t2.
I have no doubts about the amazing features of the x100 series, for me, still the big cherry on top of the Fuji’s cake! Heheheh


I don’t shoot in the studio much but I like giant umbrellas like the Paul C.Buff 86” soft silver plm for fashion style portraits.

I’m thinking of buying another and painting the center black to give the effect of a giant ring of light like the broncolor para 222 with the light in the middle position. If I had unlimited money I’d probably jus buy a para 222.


What light were you using here? Is it a monolight or continuous?