Street photography: Fujifilm vs. Leica


While I have been doing “street” photography for many years I have only recently move over from Leica M and film to Fuji. So, I thought it might be interesting to share some thoughts on the change and show some examples. I mostly used the Leica with a 35mm lens, though sometimes with a 50 or 28. When possible I zone focussed between 1.5 - 2.5 m depending on the subject and a quick glance at the lens enabled me to alter the focus as necessary. However, in poor light I would have to accurately focus the camera. So, generally I was in a situation where I could just raise the camera to my eye and take the photo. With Fuji I adopted the same strategy as much as possible with the camera set to manual focus, though I no longer had a focusing scale on the lens to help me rapidly adjust the focus without raising the camera. Nothing is perfect. However, I have now got it down to a fine art and make full use of the advantages of the Fuji, such as auto ISO. Enough words, here are some photos:

Colombia, 2001. Leica, 50 mm, Tri-X

London, 2014. X-Pro1, 35 mm

London, 2008. Leica, 35 mm, Tri-X

Ibiza, 2015. X-Pro1, 18 mm


Nice comparison images here. I love the first one. You can feel the difference between the film and digital, its all in the grain right… its subtle.
Have you played around with the noise on capture one? its pretty good.
I scanned a frame of 35mm film and drop it on top of my digital files. it creates a nice effect.


Thanks for your comments. Yes, film does have something that digital lacks. However, I have now learned to embrace what it offers and not try to replicate what film offers. That being said, I do sometimes include a little grain to reduce the “plastic” feel. This I do within LightRoom or Silver Efex Pro. I am more interested in the photos and the prints that I get from them than the kit used; once I have a workflow that is reproducible and good enough I tend to tinker no further. Perhaps this comes from being an experimental scientist - I am more interested in generating data to answer questions that in perpetually optimising procedures.
Enough of that, here are a couple more:

London, 2003. Leica, 35 mm, Tri-X.

London, 2016. X-Pro1, 18 mm.

Barcelona, 2003. Leica, 35 mm, Tri-X.

Tivoli, 2014. X-Pro1, 35 mm.