Starting again


Hey all.
I was here a few years ago but, due to an illness that messed with my brain, I’ve been out of doing photography for a few years and have pretty much forgotten everything I knew… AND have a harder time learning new things. But, I’d love to go back to making photographs. What I didn’t like was the small amount of time taking photographs with my camera versus making photographs with my computer.

I’d been using LR but will basically have to relearn the whole thing…

So, I’m wondering if there’s another software that I might want to consider at this time that pretty much does the same thing - as in catalogs everything as well as having the editing tools. And maybe could involve a little less time editing. (n.b., I did not find pre-sets to be helpful in LR) And…of course, not cost a fortune. If not, I will look into a LR upgrade (if I’m able to jump from whatever it is that I have to whatever is the most current - I obviously haven’t looked yet.)

Any other starting-over advice would be greatly appreciated.


If you have a mac computer, you might just want to start out with the native mac photos software. It does a pretty good job of organizing and there are better than average basic editing functions.
If you use a PC or even if you are a Mac user, Luminar has a nice photo suite with a cataloging function. You can download it to use for a month at no charge.


Thanks. I forgot that I have Luminar as well…


Capture One just put out a free stripped down version of their software. There are lots of choices.


Regarding Luminar, I think only the most recent versions have cataloging features.


Thanks. I’ll check them both out.