Sonnar Carl Zeiss 2.8/135 prime adapter?


Hi All,

Mostly a picture taking newb here - i have and enjoy a fuji xt-1 and while recently moving my girlfriend handed me her grandfather’s camera bag which has a Contax film camera with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm (C/Y) f/2.8 Lens and my googling for an adapter hasnt, i dont think, brought me to the exact thing i need. Again, though, im a newb and maybe it has and i just dont recognize it as such.

Just hoping that the more experienced photo takers here can point me in the right direction. Id love to try this lens out after googling what it can do. I have only the kit lens that came with my xt-1 and while its great, id like to try this one out also.

Any info and help are appreciated.



C/Y to FX adapter would do, quite many available. K&F is a pretty good brand for adapters.


Thank you kindly! I will take a look and move forward. Appreciate your help.


You’re welcome. Come back and show us some photos with it.