Some recent film work


Here’s a shot from a roll I had processed last week.

Shot on a Nikon FG with Kodak Elite Chrome 100


Nice one! Thanks for sharing Steven. Did you used a lab to develop it?


Thanks, Samuel!
Yeah I go to a local spot called Panda Lab. I want to get into processing my own film, but haven’t found the time, or space… haha


Agree with with time/space challenges of developing film. I use a lab also, but I am interested in getting a scanner and processing my own negs once developed. Have you ever tried your hand at scanning??


No I haven’t done my own scans before either!
I was thinking about making a scanner my next purchase, but I really don’t know where to start.


Another shot from a recently processed roll.

Kodak Tri-X 400


Mmmm, I’m a bit the same with scanning… I’m sure like most things, Google + Practice = success :wink:
And ohhhh, trix for the win!!! Love that stock!


Great composition with timeless film…well done


Thanks, Carly!
And yes, haha I’m right there with you!


Thanks so much, Lorenzo!


I also shoot a lot of film, here fuji pro400h on my contax.