Social Documentary Photographer from Durham, NC


Hi. I’m Daniel and I’m a social documentary photographer. I started photographing more seriously in January – which is also when I got my XT-2 – and fell into documentary photography at Trump’s inauguration. Prior to that, I primarily used Nikon gear and made photographs of birds along with occasional street photographs and portraits.

I’m trying to learn more about documentary photography, how to create compelling images that tell a story, how to use writing to supplement my photography, and how to be a valuable contributor to causes I believe are important. Lately, I’ve been covering the struggles against white supremacist groups, oppressive prison systems, and racial injustice. I’m taking a few classes later in the year at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies and am considering a workshop with Momenta Workshops. I would love any input or thoughts on any of the above as well.

My Instagram and website

Great to meet all of you, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this community goes.


Documentary photography is very important, and fascinating! One of my favorite documentary photographer is also a friend, his name is Niels Ackermann and you can find his work here:

Let me know if you’d like to have a documentary sub-category in the #photography category :slight_smile:

Oh and welcome on the forum!