Shooting from the hip. How?


Hey there,

so, I was walking around a nice market this morning, taking photos around. And at some point I tried to shoot from the hip. I got a very lucky and unexpected shot, and then it occurred to me that at the moment, probably because I’m completely unexperienced, I can’t really tell what I’m shooting when I do it for the hip.

Is there a way, some sort of trick, to better understand it or it’s just trial and error?



My method

You need to understand the field of view of your lens, and calibrate your brain for that field of view!! Then set the camera up to zone focus, ie work out what target object size you want in your field of view, set the focus to that distance (usually manually) - AF is difficult in this type of photography as your target is invariably moving!!. Then set a fast enough shutter speed that you can stop a blurred image if you are stationery.

I usually set up something like 1/125-1/250 shutter speed F4-F5.6 aperture, Auto-ISO

As you improve you can open up the aperture more.

Initially though you need to experiment to determine settings that are good for you.


Good point on setting focus. AF didn’t work for this. I wish it had.

Shoot from the hip as often as you can to practice. Sitting works well too. I site w the camera on my leg or a table, on the train, when talking the people, in restaurants and bars, etc.