Samyang 24mm TS lens or a Fotodiox Shift adapter?


Hi everyone!
I’ve been looking for a Tilt-Shift lens to pair with my XT-1 and the Samyang 24mm seems to be the only one available right now, but sadly 24mm (36mm in 35mm equivalent) is really not as wide as I’d like it to be.

So I searched a bit and found the Fotodiox EF to X-mount Shift adapter, which I think I could pair with a Samyang 14mm 2.8 for EF mount, which would give me 21mm (35mm equivalent). But I can’t just pair the adapter with any given lens, as the image circle must be large enough to be able to shift, and the lens must also have an aperture ring, else I won’t be able to change the aperture. The 14mm 2.8 would fit these criterias while not being expensive either.

Any thoughts on this combo? Or would you rather go with the 24mm Samyang TS lens?