Samyang 12mmf2 - panoramic problems


I recently acquired the Samyang 12mmf2 and have been having a lot of fun with it. One small glitch is that trying to take panoramic photos with it doesn’t seem to work. It keeps telling me to pan faster so i do and it tells me to pan slowly. This is all on the xt20 btw. Does anyone have any advice on how to get it to work?


You have to get the panning speed right but the camera software my struggle with panning such a wide angle lens.

Panning with wide angle lenses to create panoramas isn’t usually recommended, the Samyang 12mm has a fair bit of optical distortion and this is difficult for Panoramic modes to stitch properly, Given its massively wide field of view anyway I’m surprised you are finding the need to pan. You are also likely to end up with lots of foreground and sky with such a WA lens.

I would recommend a minimum panning focal length of 23mm to get a decent view and oftem 35mm+ gives better results…

I would also recommend taking several shots and stitching them together afterwards in something like lightroom, just overlap each shot by about 1/3. You can also pan with the camera in portrait mode giving you a greater vertical resolution.

8 shot pano with XF23mm in Portrait Mode, X-T1 (processed in lightroom)

160816 Salford Quays - 8 Shot Pano sm by David Yeoman, on Flickr


I can only assume that the lens being third party and manual and you having switched on the ‘fire without lens’ option and possibly even set the 12mm lens as a third party lens in the menu and selected that, that the camera is missing the feedback from the Fuji-native XF lenses which confuses the small brain of the camera. It thinks you’re panning but doesn’t know for sure so it tries to make you pan faster to try and get some feedback. Possibly the sensor then registers fast movement so it tells you to slow down but there is no coordination and feedback in the complex system due to lack of expected input so it just reacts haphazardly.

But then again, what do I know



I shoot landscape with Samyang 12mm. I use my milestone trusty AutoPano software to stitch pictures together and everything looks perfect.

Important notes: 30 to 40% overlap between each photo, nailed focus and fully manual settings will bring you the best from your panoramic photos.

Good luck!