Sample XT1 with 18-55mm


Experimental shoot soon after I bought the XT1. One light with model and artist (should have bounced some light into her right arm). Originally shot to play around with photoshop composite techniques. Love this camera and it’s fantastic raw files, although if I were to keep using it for work I’d need to get a sharper lens :slight_smile:


This is the composite.


looking good!
were you using umbrella for this and not soft box?


It is a Yongnuo speedlight inside a cheap 40x40cm square pop up softbox from Hong Kong via Ebay. Softbox cost me ~$30 from memory and came with a speedlight mount! :relaxed:


Thank you Carly!
Similar to what I have in mind to get.


Really such a small investment, and you can always add more or change it up later.


Really nice, love the painted arm and hand! So dark, yet she looks so innocent! That two faced thing is really powerful!


Thanks. Wish I’d bounced a bit more light into the other arm as it gets lost into nothingness there. Do like the composite though, merging a film and digital image so both my loves colliding :smiley:


That is quite amazing to combine the two actually! Well done indeed! :smiley: