Recording time

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m not an expert on video. Quite the contrary…

I wish I could make a footage without a pause for 70 minutes.
The XT 3 only allows 29mm.
If anyone knows how to extend, I am very interested:)
Thank you in advance

So a couple of things. A 70-minute recording is huge. A really big file. You have to transfer and edit it. A big file like that, you’d be skimming it for hours looking for a clip you really want. If you need 70 minutes for a play or a meeting or something that runs uninterrupted, it may be easier to use two cameras and manage where you cut each one off and make sure the one camera is running when you make that break. You can immediately start recording the other camera again. I think you can shoot uninterrupted with a video camera designed just for video but a Fuji is also for photography. It may be the wrong tool for your purposes.

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Hi Bruno,

The short answer to recording over an hour is to borrow or rent a video camera, as long recordings are purely video and will benefit from a pure video camera. Video people on the net say you can also overcome the 30-minute limit by using an external video recorder (Atomos or some such), but I don’t know whether that will keep the camera from overheating. As Diana mentioned, the X-series cameras aren’t really video cameras, they are stills cameras that are pretty video-capable anyway for shorter recording lengths. One benefit of using a dedicated video camera is they are designed to shed excess heat quickly so it won’t degrade the image as you record. The 30-minute limit is (as far as I know – any video experts out there?) a firmware limitation to conform to EU video camera laws. It might be changed in a future firmware update, but it probably wouldn’t be a good idea, because then it would expose the camera to overheating problems that might even permanently damage it.


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Hi Diana
Many thanks ! It’s a very good idea :)
I used two cameras:)
Indeed, the size of the files is gigantic, otherwise …
Thanks a lot for that advice!
Good Day

Thanks Peter :)
Indeed, I bought this camera for make short videos … not a a play for 1 hour :)
I took Diana’s solution (2 cameras) stopping at intervals every 5 minutes to split the files.
Many thanks for your answers!

You could do one of two options. 1, record 30 mins. Then a second recording and edit together. If you’re looking for completely uninterrupted video than I believe you need an external source to connect the hdmi too like an Atomos Ninja.

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In first, thank you for your answer:)
I don’t have atomos (and I rarely do this kind of work:)
I did as Diana told me, by splitting the files (otherwise I would never have had the necesseray power to work with the video, these files are huge ! : ) )
It worked great.
Nevertheless, being curious like a weasel, I will be try an atomos… just like that… to see what’s going on :)
Thank you again