Quiet camera & subjects knowing you took a photo


Funny recollection I just had reading another article. A couple months ago I was doing a shoot, mostly using my Canon DSLR. At one point the scene lent itself to a wider angle than I had on the Canon so I busted out the X100T and started using that. The subject sort of broke her flow at that point and asked me “are you taking pictures?” Was outdoors with natural light so no flash.

Has this sort of thing happened to you? I had coached her a little to try subtle movements between shots and suddenly I went to a stealth camera.


I used my XT-1 to take pictures up close w/o subjects knowing quite a bit.
Here the camera was sitting on my knee with the lcd angled out where I could check the framing, while I talked to my father in law. I made fifty plus shots. This is one of the more still and less dramatic. If he knew, he never showed it.

This one was a guy soliciting contributions for some very worthy cause that escapes me at this point. I made 10 plus shots from waist level, checking the framing in the lcd tilted back. Not very flattering, but interesting how close you can get to people and take a candid photo.


Thank goodness for ES!


Both were mechanical shutter. I tend to avoid the electronic shutter. The (my at least) XT-1 is pretty darn quiet. AF makes more noise in general (depending on the lens, of course).


Out on the street or noisy scenes might be okay.
On quieter location it’s a risky situation. On quiet places it will certainly be noticed.
I use X-Pro1 as well as X-T20 and many times I wished the former has the ES.

I mostly don’t shoot high speed scenes or difficult lightings so using ES is not a disadvantage for me.


Yeah, mechanical shutter on my x100t is all but silent. The biggest noise is from the little window in the OVF that pops up to show me the image review.

But I had the opposite problem on this shoot. I wanted the subject to know I was shooting and she couldn’t tell.


Just say “CLICK!” every time you press the shutter button :grinning:


Yes, it happens to me too :joy: I was in an outdoor pre-wedding shooting with a lovely couple. I had my X-T1 with mechanical shutter and just told them to forget me and just living their life. After a couple of minutes, they told me “We don’t know when you take a picture because your camera makes no noise !”