Question for 56mm 1.2 owners


Hi all, soon to be X-Pro 2 owner here. I purchase a used 56mm lens over the weekend and I wasn’t able to test it because my X-Pro 2 is in transit. I noticed that if I shake it I hear a bit of a rattle. It’s not as if something is completely lose and freely moving around but there is definitely a noise when shaken. Can anyone confirm if this happens with their 56mm? Pretty worried about it.


I would definitely check it out once you get your camera. It could be a lens element out of alignment or myriad issues.

That said, I know my 90mm f/2 makes a slight thunk sound when it gets jostled around in my bag, which are the magnets for the linear motor moving slightly in the lens body. Being there is no power coming to the lens from your camera, the magnets might move and make that sound. I sincerely hope that is the issue and not something wrong.


I just checked mine and it rattles

I think this is quite a common observation

Of course a normal rattle and abnormal rattle may sound very similar, so check your 56 as soon as you can on a camera (ie when your XP2 trns up)

But at this stage I don’t think there’s anything to worry about at all


Same here. I checked mine and it rattles as well.

Nevertheless I would definitely check on the X-Pro2 when you get it. :wink:


Thanks guys, my XP2 is in and I’m happy to report everything seems to be ok with the lens as far as I can tell!


The 56 sounds like like a cheap Solo cup when it focuses but it hits the mark and produces yummy portraits.


When my 56 was in transit from the retailer, I read about these rattles, but I can honestly say after nearly a year of use, I can hardly hear anything. Granted my hearing is shot from too many airshows, but still. I also can’t hear the “clunk” of the LM motor on the 90mm as well, another well-known quirk of that lens.