Project-based Street photography


Hi all. Just wondering what your approach is to Street photography? Do you have a reportage purpose to shooting the photos you shoot or is it random occurrences that happen on the street? If it is the latter how do you overcome the issue of creating a cohesive body of work that doesn’t seem disparate and unconnected?


Is a cohesive body of work mandatory? Not just in street photography, but in any photography, or even art for that matter.


Don’t think it is mandatory, but was reading David Hurn’s book on being a photographer and having projects or assignments and thought he made an interesting point that this gives you focus and helps to develop your style. That way your style isn’t forged out of how you shoot (e. G. The aesthetics) but more importantly the focus becomes on what you shoot (e. G. The subject). Over time this becomes a greater indicator of the photographer than the stylistic qualities.

Further, a series of photos is a better way of telling a richer story, from which one particular photo may shine and live independently.

Made me think that maybe I haven’t given my photos enough focus…


No, you can shoot whatever you want and then take images from different moments in time even different locations and then build up a series. That’s the only way to get published in serious websites or magazine about photography. Work on personal projects that have a message, a logic. You usually develop this ability over time. But don’t necessarily separate this from the day to day images or clients work. Even when I’m on location (tomorrow I’ll be in Verbier for example for Monocle) I take a bit of time to see if I can expand one of my ongoing series (I’m currently working on two, one about greenhouses that’s gonna end up being published as a book and the other one is still not visible for now). It takes a ton of time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end.


Hi just to be clear, you are saying that you don’t have to have projects (you can assimilate a series later), but to be taken seriously this is the best way to work, and how you work?


Yes for example one day I shot some images at a botanical garden here in Geneva, they got picked up by a small blog and I turned them into a series, then they were published pretty much everywhere (here’s a list, I called the series “Botanical” Since now a year I’m working on expanding this series to work on a book project with a publisher in London, so what you see on my website and what was published was actually just the first 10 pictures, there’s actually gonna be around 50-60 in the book.


Firstly, that is a lovely series. Really nice tones and love the how they blur behind the windows. How did the blog pick them up in the first place? Did you simply send them in and ask whether they’d be interested in covering the story?


I am enjoying hearing about how others work in this thread. I am in need of new ways to think about my own work.

BTW, This beautiful botanical series is how I found out about you and Fujifeed. I look forward to the book.


I am deeply attracted towards the ordinary happenings within society, streets are generous when it comes to that. My prime purpose for capturing these images is to make people conscious about what is happening in front of them everyday.

On the other hand, I’m starting to work on some essays or narratives, more like a reportage.