Professional Fashion photographers using the Fujifilm X system


Hello Guys !

My name is Aleksander and I am Polish Fashion Photographer, based in Berlin.
I switched from Nikon since almost 2 years now and I’m pretty happy bout that, Fujifilm is huge thing right now, I can see everywhere “Fuji X Photographers” in documentary, streetphotography and portrait photography. Thats super cool but, in Fashion industry this camera is really unpopular… I can imagine that Canon and Nikon already there since x years and they don’t want to experiment, and change something what is really working like it should.
I believe that I’m wrong, and you Guys can help me and prove there is a huge list of Professional Fujifilm X photographers out there.


Aleksander Ziarnecki


And please guys, keep posting professionals, so we can build new community which is useful and valuable tool for Fashion photographers :slight_smile:


Joseph Paradiso and Yuki are using the X system or the GFX from time to time


Joao Carlos is using the X system, he’s an ambassador as well for Fujifilm



I’d put myself as emerging fashion/portrait photographer rather than proffessional but

David J. Fulde



Most of my work revolves around idendity and fashion is a big part of it. Last December I switched to an x-t20 + 18-55 kit lens and I’m very happy with it. Curious to hear what yo guys think and to see your work too. Fee free to add me and send a message to stay in touch.



Hey there! I’m a hairstylist and photographer that works on fashion shoots. I mainly specialize in runway/ back stage but I also shoot a lot of hair industry and beauty photography. I’m working on my website right now but my insta is where to catch everything too. Mostly shot with the X-T2 and X-H1.


I shoot conceptual fashion with GFX and XT2, I’ve used Fujifilm since XPro1 in 2012. The colour is critical to my work along with the excellent glass

You can see my work on my website here


Hey everyone,

I shoot mainly fashion events and runway. Currently using a X-T2 with the fuji 100-400 as part of my runway kit.



Hello, here’s my Instagram and website: