Print Help?



First off let me say that the forum looks great and I’m excited to connect with more Fujifilm photographers.

I am an amateur photographer with no experience outside of the digital age. I’ve always posted everything online and I’ve never made a print.

Now that I’m that I’m producing work that I really enjoy I want to make some prints for display purposes, but I know absolutely nothing about printing. I was hoping you fine folks might be able to teach me the basics.

Here are my terribly stupid questions:

Does a print size need to match the aspect ratio of the image for it not to be distorted?

Is it better to print from a .JPG or some other file type?

Will my local Walmart actually make decent prints or is it better to go to a specialty shop (where I’m guessing they will charge more)?

Am I asking the right questions or missing important information?



Hi Conor,

I’ve been printing images for exhibitons before so I’ll try to answer those questions :slight_smile:

Ideally yes. The printer won’t distort your image but it will probably in most case crop it. If your file is 6000x4000px (XT2) then your print should be a 3:2 ratio. If you want to print another ratio you can open your file in an image editing app and crop to to another ratio.

A .JPG saved in quality 100 (or the best quality your image editing app is allowing) is good enough. The color profile should be RGB 1998 in most cases. I’ve printed both uncompressed 16bit TIFF files and JPEG files and there’s no differences.

The best thing is to use a lab, either a local lab in your city or a bigger lab like BayPhoto ( that will offer a much broader range of papers (+ they’ll probably have better printers and calibrated ones). I’ve used papers by Hahnemühle mostly the Photo Rag and Baryta ones (papers like this ensure that your image won’t “fade” over time) but you can use less expensive papers like Kodak Endura or Fuji Pearl (available at BayPhoto and other labs).

You should make sure that the PPI (pixels per inch) is high enough, 200 is usually good for most uses no need to go up to 300. People will not look at your images up close but from 1-2 meters or more. Here’s more informations about PPI and DPI (

Feel free to ask other questions, we’re all here to help :slight_smile:



Thanks for your quick response.

So if I have an image cropped to 16x9 and I wanted a poster sized print, what size would you recommend?

Also, will a high iso become much more obvious on a large print? I have one image in mind that I really like, but it was shot at iso 3200 on the fuji Xpro1 so I feel like the grain would become overbearing. What do you think?


You’re welcome!

Movie posters are 24 x 36 inches (61x91cm). For that a 24mpx file (4000x6000px) would be printed at 180 PPI which is ok (not perfect but ok). But movie posters aren’t using a 16:9 ratio they’re 2:3. A 16:9 print would be something like 20 x 36 inches (51x91cm).

High iso will show of course but it can be good if it’s a black and white image.


Hey Connor,

On top of everything Sam said, it can’t hurt to try Walmart, Costco or some other big box store just to see what they can do, or for some small job. It’s a really cheap experiment, too, with a cost about like a single sheet of good print paper. Some of them do pretty good work, but a custom lab should always be able to do better. I think it is worth doing at least once to compare them with a custom printer, just so you’ll have an idea of where a custom job can benefit you. I’ve been doing my own printing for a looooong time, but I’ve had Costco do a few little jobs and they really did well. The local store hires good printers, but that might all be due to the big photo school here. In some other city, you might not get good work from store printers after all.

Cheers, and welcome to the gang!


Hi to extend this conversation further. When you see huge prints in exhibitions. Movie poster size and bigger how do they create them without degrading? I shoot with a fuji xt2 - 24mps. Would a jpg or any other format image ever be able to blow up this size or would that solely be the reserve of full frame cameras and/or larger format cameras?


Hey Chris, well they print at lower than 300 PPI. Here is an example below, two prints that I did for a solo exhibition from X-T1 files (16mpx) they are 31.5x43.7" (80x111cm) with a 3.5" (9cm) white margin on Hahnemühle Baryta and Photo Rag papers and they are perfect even up close. With X-T2 files you could go much larger than this!


Cheers. So as long as the image isn’t initially cropped you could print really large. Cheers for the images by the way. Very useful.