Pixel Peeping beginner question


Hi Fujifeed-Fans,

I have a question on a “effect” I noticed in a photo I took.

When I zoom in I see a pattern and I am wondering why it occures and if you think it might cause trouble for large (like A1) prints.
I started using a UV filter to protect the lens. It was there before I started editing the RAW. I opend the RAW in Lightroom.


Pattern Detail:

Thank you for your input!


Hi Leo,

This problem is explained in details here

Unfortunately there’s nothing much you can do. But because it’s black and white it should be less visible. It will depend on the size of the print. I’d say print a 100% slice, like 1-2cm width and check if it’s very visible.


Thank you. Interesting phenomenon and good to know when it will occur.