Photos of japanese playground equipment at night by Kito Fujio


In 2005 Kito Fujio quit his job as an office worker and became a freelance photographer. And for the last 12 years he’s been exploring various overlooked pockets of Japan like the rooftops of department stores, which typically have games and rides to entertain children while their parents are shopping. More recently, he’s taken notice of the many interesting cement-molded play equipment that dots playgrounds around Japan.

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Not sure what American healthcare has to do with Kito’s great photography, explain ?


I am currently a freelance photographer. But I need health care. Health care is insanely expensive. So I need a regular paying job So I can afford health care. I only mentioned this because kito had a job and quit to become a freelance photographer. The opposite of me and my life now.


Fair enough but by bringing the Body Politic into this photography forum is a little off subject by a country mile !


You are right. I’ve updated our Guidelines, strong political or religious discussions or arguments aren’t for this forum. Sorry @Jarrod_Pimental but I have to delete the specific post in question.


Sorry about it. I had no idea mentioning health care would trigger anyone.


No bad intentions meant Jarrod just want a photography forum to be in context and on subject. I wish you/anyone nothing but good intent and positivity :slight_smile: