Photojournalism with Fuji gear?


Hello fellows.

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Post your pictures, gear and stories here!
Here is a recent one, a ferry boat wrecked in rocks at January 6th here at Azores islands. Pictures taken with xt2 and 55-200. I got some more pictures of this accident on my ig page.

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Nice shots! I’m still saving to upgrade but, I’m going to attempt to use my XT10 for photojournalism shots over the next few months and see how that goes. I can post some as examples later. Cheers!


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i brought a x100f to deserts twice and ended up storing it in a plastic bag as i realized how much dust ended up caught around the pancake and especially since the motorized sliding shade of the hybrid viewfinder got stuck diagonally essentially on day one.

after returning from the assignement, i was able to get most of the dust off the outside with a soft toothbrush and vacum cleaner, but the slide is continuing to get stuck occasionally. in that case, i got to power off the camera, shake it a bit and switch it back on to allow the motor to retract the shade.

so, with regret, i strongly have to advise against taking the x100 series to harsh conditions. ended up finishing the job entirely with the 5d’s and 24-70 & 70-200 lenses.


Thank you, that is some good real-world feedback on the x100f. I don’t worry too much about mine in weather but I try to keep it covered if it’s raining. If conditions get tougher I will definitely think twice about bringing it along.