Paris Flood


The Seine river has risen these last weeks to reach one of its higher level since last june 2016.
X-E2 - Samyang 12mm 30s


Oh my. Again?
I was caught right in the middle of the flooding in 2016: I was in fact in the Loire valley, at the same time when public transport strikes and fuel strikes were also happening… Now I see why my Parisian cousin thought I was in town when I recently posted a picture of the Conciergerie with the Seine quite high…
The flooding makes for quite surreal pictures… good work on these ones :slight_smile:


Merci Fabien !
Yeah but it’s a bit less high than the last 2016 one you’re refering to.
Though I agree still some surreal views of the city with the Seine on rise :wink:


Really nice images it has a great fine art look to it. Well done :smiley:


Thanks a lot Molle! Much appreciated.
It was though a bit less dramatic than the June 2016 one, but shot in Nikon back then so can’t post some here too :wink: