Papa's workshop [X-T100]


My young son and his Papa worked on a project together to make a wooden derby car that he will race later this month. I gave them a hand this afternoon briefly, but enjoyed watching them work together all the while photographing them working in Papa’s workshop. It was great to capture them working together, and seeing my son learn as they progressed.

Also, I was able to also capture some of the details of my father-in-law’s workshop where each of his tools have a story. He can make and repair anything mechanical – in a home, or on a car. Each tool has a history and a story. Today, we added to more of that story as we built this little wooden car. Here’s some of the shots that I took while they worked.

Shot on Fuji X-T100 with Fujinon XC 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ lens


and that is what one can sense from you photos - love them. Also really like you went black and white on them!


Fantastic! What a great scene to document. I feel like sometimes we ignore the good stories happening right in front of us. Thank you for recognizing this one and capturing it.


great job there!


Thanks Will, Rok, and Leo! Much appreciated. There are so many stories to tell with those small details. :):grinning: