Organizing files upon import



I am transitioning from Lightroom to Capture One Fujifilm after the release of C1 12 and my subsequent acquisition of a X-T2 (upgraded from X-T1) that can utilize Capture Ones Fujifilm film simulations. One feature that I loved in LR was the ability to move files upon import from the source folder into a folder tree based on capture date. By the end of the year, I would have a master folder (2018 for example) and within that folder, 12 subfolders (01, 02, etc.) for each month. Having this level of order is really important to me, but I can’t see to figure out how to automate it with C1. It seems like I’m only given 2 options (within catalogs, not sessions) upon import which is to leave the files where they are (not helpful if I’m importing from a memory card) or to move them to to within the catalog file itself, but that means I can’t navigate to the files themselves outside of C1.

Does anyone know of a workaround here or perhaps sees an error in my logic/understanding of how C1 stores files? Any and all help is appreciated.


I was hasty in posting a call for help here. After watching one of C1s wonderful webinars, I learned that it is indeed quite easy to have C1 organize my files the way that I want upon import.


Nice. I didn’t remember how to do it, but I recall watching a webinar on that. Glad you found it