On / Off button - XT10


Hello everyone!

Wondering if anyone has experienced issues with the on/ off switch?

I haven’t had an issue yet, but have started to get really paranoid about it…I have turned it off and on thousands of times over the past year and yeah…getting paranoid. Say hypothetically it were to go, is it an expensive thing to fix?



The only issues I’ve ever seen online are people who screwed on a soft release way too tight on their x100… other than that never saw any button assembly just exploding due to regular use.

My X-Pro 1 is still working happily even as the paint has all but come off that on-off switch.


what happened when screwing soft release too tight?


Breaks the whole assembly off: http://www.fujixseries.com/forums/topic/6712-butterfingers-dropped-my-x100s-shutter-release-broken/

Considering how many people are using these things and how little you hear of it I wouldn’t be too worried though.


@antong_hrv the previous post also has your answer 270$ for repair of the x100 shutter button… guessing it is about the same for an xt-10?


Ahh okay cool, thanks for the info! Much appreciated!