Ok, I'll start. Loving my new (used) Pentax 6x7+105mm


Hi everyone!

Picked up a used Pentax 6x7 & 105mm this year. As much as I love shooting digital with my Fuji, this combo is really something special. For now, it’s sort of my go-to for portrait work. A bit of a pain to walk around with but, good to keep in the car when out shooting.

More to come!


This is indeed incredibly different than what you can get with an APS-C sensor! I love how it render depth of field. Please post more! (my wallet won’t be happy…)


Yeah! It almost renders like a large format camera.



Last one for now. :sunglasses:


Oh my… This is so beautiful! I love the car details, the subtle blur and how it renders basically everything. I need this!


I forgot to mention, on these shots I’m shooting Kodak Portra 400 rated at 200 and over exposed by 1 stop from my handheld meter.


These look great. Do you do your own scanning? If so, what scanner do you use?


Thanks! These were scanned locally by my lab here in Portland. They’re using a Noritsu mini lab for their scanning. Keeps things pretty simple and I don’t do much with them other than some added contrast and color correction.


Nice work! I still shoot film as well, with a 6X6 and two 645s. For me, they are a good compromise between image quality and girth. Your lab wouldn’t happen to be Blue Moon, would it? One of my bucket list pilgrimages…


I still haven’t made it over to Blue Moon yet! No, I use Citizens Photo. They do good work and their prices are great.


The Pentax was always my dream camera back in my film days. Your wonderful photos rekindled the desire.

I made an attempt at 35mm film again a couple years ago, but the time to develop and scan was too much for me and I scurried back to digital. Probably lab scanning, which is better than I could do, is the way to go.

I hope you share more of your work.


Beautiful! Portra 400 and 160 are my fave.