Off-camera flash/TTL?


What sort of off-camera radio controlled TTL flash gear are people using with Fuji? Is there a Yongnuo or similar budget setup like for Canikon?


Godox is popular choice now.


Just ordered some of their stuff (Flashpoint via Adorama) will report how it behaves with the Fuji.


and photos of course!!


So here is something very cool. I got a Flashpoint/Godox speedlight (Zoom Li-ion, not the round-headed one) in the Canon TTL version. But … I have both a Fuji and Canon TTL transmitter for the system (I also have a pair of AD600s and now an AD200). When I put the Fuji transmitter on my X100F and connected to the speedlight, it actually said “Fuji” in the display of the flash and TTL works!

If I fire it with the Canon transmitter it switches back to say “Canon”. I don’t think it works on-camera, at least on X100F, but that is not a thing I will ever need.